What is BICOM

BICOM bioresonance is a diagnostic, therapy that promotes healing and can resolve different ailments.  The BICOM therapy uses the natural frequencies of the patient for their own healing process. It can separate healthy and unhealthy frequency patterns. Healthy frequency patterns may be amplified and returned to the body allowing the body to cancel the unhealthy frequencies. This works much like noise cancelling headset technology. This therapy has been evolving for 30 years and is actively used in 65 countries.

Everything is ENERGY

All forms of matter display an electromagnetic frequency pattern. In fact, matter is compressed energy. It is only logic that if the fundamental building block to our existence is energy that we should use energy in medicine; as energy supersedes matter.

Some questions you might have

How many treatments will it take?

Typically 3-7 treatments but it depends on the pet and the illness.

Will my pet feel anything during the treatment?

No, it is relaxing and soothing for animals.

Are there any side effects?

There are no direct side effects. However sometimes the healing process involves the release of toxins which can be uncomfortable.

What is my role in the healing process of my pet?

Your role in the healing process is important. Your positive desires for the wellness of your pet go a long way.

What should I do for my pet after the treatment?

First and foremost; please provide your animal with plenty of fresh water as harmful substances may be flushed out of the system.  If your pet seems tired after therapy, it can be part of the healing process, so give your pet extra time to rest. If you were given therapy drops or a chip, please follow the directions given to you from Dr. Kim. And lastly, avoid giving your pet products that could cause stress to their system.

Currently our first BICOM appointment last for 1 1/2 hours, then normal sessions will be an hour.

To set up an appointment for BICOM please call 603-677-6800



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