Beautiful Golden Retriever Sat in a FieldThe father of western medicine, Hippocrates, said, “Let food be your medicine.” We’re told that humans need to eat whole, minimally processed fresh foods, and that we should vary our diets. We often get different advice for our animals.

“Experts” say never to change your animal’s diet. Never feed him people food. “Feed your dog complete food in a bag.” Most of us accept this – although we would look for another doctor if we got this advice from our pediatrician. Would you eat the same food day in and day out from a bag? NO – of course not, so why would you feed your pet this way!

A fresh food diet is best for all living beings. A fresh, species-appropriate diet provides support for the body to maintain a vibrant state of being for many years.

It is my goal to educate you on what and what not to feed your pet. In all of my years of being a veterinarian I have never been so amazed on what a change in diet can do for your pet! It is truly the single most important piece of health. If you must feed kibble — always look for a NO GRAIN kibble!

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