Dr. Kim

drThose of us who practice holistic medicine usually fall into it for one reason or another. In my conventional practice, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with cancer, chronic ear, skin and digestive problems that I could not completely heal. I felt there had to be more to offer my patients and their owners. In 2003, after a life changing event, I decided to sell my practice in Wisconsin, pack up my kids, and move back to New Hampshire. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to pursue my training in acupuncture, herbal, and energy medicine to provide answers for patients that were not well served by pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. I incorporate nutrition, herbs, acupuncture, energy medicine and chiropractic into my appointments. Ultimately, I love what I do and feel I am now actually practicing healing medicine. I have seen more remarkable changes in animals using a holistic approach than in my previous 15 years of conventional medicine. I look forward to providing your companion with alternative healing care!

I share my home with my husband Tom, 4 Children, 2 dogs and a cat. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, skiing and tai-chi.

>> BS in Animal Science from University of New Hampshire 1983
>> MS in Reproductive Physiology from Iowa State University 1985
>> DVM from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine 1989
>> Certified in Acupuncture from the Chi Institute 2003
>> Certified in Chiropractic from Parker University, Dallas Tx 2015

Deb Mardin

Since the age of 3, animals have played a large part in my life. Through riding horses, I went to Virginia Intermont College for equine studies and trained with professional hunter/jumper trainers. After a few years I got my master’s degree in biology and worked as a vet tech. I currently train my dogs in competitive Frisbee, travelling all of the US competing and working with professional dog trainers. My passion for animals has led me to a holistic outlook on animal health and nutrition.


>BS Biology

>MAT Biology


Peigi Chace

Originally trained in California, I have been performing non-sedation hand-scaling on cats and dogs for 18 years. Traditional and non-traditional veterinarians endorse my work and praise it as thorough and gentle.

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